I have found, through the years, that I am most at peace when I am creating something. Combine that easy, peaceful feeling with my love of all things vintage and old, and you get things that are Salvaged by Susan (that’s me).

I love taking the old, and making it new again…breathing new life in to a piece that someone else was ready to throw away.

It’s the best of both worlds.

Decorating is such a personal choice and expression of an individual.

Having been raised with a love and appreciation for all things antique and vintage, and with a love for wood grain, I respect it. And I know there are many who think that paint ruins a piece.

But if I believe something will look better painted, or if it just straight up suits me to paint it, I will.

And I have found that no amount of sanding and no amount of paint will hide that beautiful one-of-a-kind character that shines through a vintage piece.

Vintage Dresser Makeover @salvagedbysusan

I take what I have absorbed through the years by my father, a true Renaissance Man, and my mother with her artistic flair; sprinkle in a littleĀ Pinterest inspiration and add a pinch of my own personal touch and apply it to my salvaged finds.

I find great deals at yard sales, thrift shops, auctions and when luck is really on my side, items are given to me for free.

I’m drawn to furniture, but I also love small items that I can salvage in a day or two, or even a few hours.

Thanks for stopping by…I hope you see something you like.

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