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This decorative chalkboard has s-l-o-w-l-y evolved over time. And that time went fast. I actually started this piece in August. I told my DIY Group on Facebook I had been working on it about two months. Oops. I had started it in the summer, got all gung-ho to join the DIY chalkboard revolution sweeping Pinterest, then I would get all un-impressed with the progress and shove it aside.

So it started as an old cabinet door that came from the salvaged stash I brought back from New York last summer. My parents are downsizing and moving to Indiana so I scored big. I could have salvaged even more, but I ran out of car space. I should have rented a van.

Anyway, this is what it looked like starting out…

(Hint) Bad Lighting = Bad Photo
(Hint) Bad Lighting = Bad Photo

In my defense, it wasn’t very impressive even before the bad lighting shot.

I started out wanting to go black and white, but when I got it all painted, it just looked so boring. Ugh. I even tried to imagine it with really cute drawer knobs to dress it up, but it wasn’t enough. So that’s when it got shoved aside. Just aside…enough so it wasn’t in the way, but I could still walk past it and try to figure out what I was going to do with it.

Then during one of my mini Pinterest marathons where I was focused on repurposing items, I got inspired to do make it in to a mail holder, so I knew it needed a little storage pocket. And that’s when I remembered a small neglected shelf I had salvaged from our local Goodwill…


In true-to-me fashion, I snapped this photo after I got all excited about my brilliant idea and chopped off the overhanging parts of the shelf. But you get the idea. I flipped it upside down and screwed it to the front through the back.

To finish off the addition, I added a front to the shelf.

And since I decided to go in a completely different direction than originally planned, I painted over the white and went with my Americana Decor chalk paint in Primitive.

Then to add a little more dimension to it, and because I recently discovered the joys of dry brushing, I dry brushed it with a creamy off-white and just a hint of dark brown.


It still needed a little something, so I hand painted “Farmers Market” using the same technique I used on my very first project. Then I distressed the lettering a bit until I was somewhat happy. And then it was done…


I started out thinking it would be a nice place to hold the mail. But I also think it would look adorable holding a couple small plants. What do you think?

UPDATE: For a customer request, this decorative chalkboard went RED! I used Americana Decor chalky finish in Rouge, with a coat of wax for a smooth finish and protection. What do you think?

chalkboard updated

4 thoughts on “Decorative Chalkboard with Storage

    1. Thanks, Rissa! I sent the customer a picture to make sure it was what she has in mind and she loved it too…hopefully she loves it in person as well 🙂

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