Despite, or maybe because of, my recently acquired addiction to Craigslist and thrift stores, I recently put myself on a buying freeze. Due to limited space and a growing stash of projects to do, and more money going out than coming in from the projects, I swore I was going to freeze the funds when it came to my projects.

Except for paint. A girl’s gotta have paint.

And sandpaper.

But other than that…no more spending for a while.


So I have to wonder why I found myself on Craigslist today, looking for a deal.

(insert shocked face here)

But it was worth it, because buried deep in the Free section, I found a gem.

The post didn’t catch my eye at first because there was no picture. I’ve gotten in to the habit of checking the “has image” box on my local Craigslist page so I can quickly scan for a piece that I’d like to work on. Out of curiosity of what I may be missing, this time I didn’t.

Then I noticed that “coffee table” was spelled wrong. I remembered this awesome post on trying multiple spellings and misspellings when trying to score a deal on Craigslist.

See…I pay attention.

The post was 7 days old. I wasn’t even sure if it would still be available. And if it was, was it worth having? But then my little voice said,”But it’s free…surely something is salvageable.”

It was meant to be.

In mere minutes, I had a response to my text that included a picture of this future beauty…

Craigslist Coffee Table
Free Coffee Table!

It was a left over from a yard sale that nobody wanted.

But I did.

It’s like a blank canvas. Am I right?

Where some may see a dirty, old coffee table, I saw potential.

It’s not an antique, which makes it even better. I can paint it with no guilt.

(Yeah, I still suffer pangs of guilt when painting an old piece)

The little drawer is a plus, because who doesn’t love added storage?

Craigslist Coffee Table
Extra Storage

And those chunky legs? I loved them on sight…

Craigslist Coffee TableThis thing is huge, heavy and sturdy.

It can be made into extra seating…It can have an amazing graphic painted on top…It can be almost anything.

And it was FREE!

So, technically, I’m still committed to my buying freeze. My storage space is a little more limited, but I didn’t spend a dime to score this Craigslist coffee table.

That’s still a win in my book.

Now I just need to figure out what my blank canvas will be transformed in to…


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