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I’ve had an awesome weekend where I voluntarily kept myself at home, watched The Walking Dead marathon (I love that show!), and worked on small projects that I hoarded collected before the cold weather hit. I put quite a dent in my to-do box. Now I’m itching for nicer weather and yard sale season to see what new items I can score for a salvaged makeover.

Shabby Chic Hat Box

I found this hat box at my local Goodwill and wondered if I could save it from the hideous pink and heart decals.

Shabby Chic Hat Box before

I’m sure I could have found an inexpensive brand-spanking-new plain hatbox somewhere for cheap and started with a fresh slate, but that would defeat the purpose of what I do. I prefer saving the ugly and trying to give it new life. And I’m sorry…I thought this was ugly.

Here it is with a fresh coat of paint and some shabby chic-like trimmings.


I’m not sure about the paint yet. The picture makes it look worse than it is, but I think a creamy off white would be better. So this may not be done yet. But at least the pink and hearts are gone, so I’m happy.

Trinket Box

I believe I found this trinket box at Goodwill also. At least it smelled like it. You know how Goodwill has a smell? This had that smell. And it was dirty. Really dirty.

trinketboxbefore trinketboxdirty

I ripped out the smelly insides and sanded it all down, inside and out. Then I gave it a fresh coat of paint and reversed the mirror/photo frame set up. In the frame part, I inserted a graphic that I got from The Graphics Fairy after I tweaked it a bit. This is what it looks like now…

trinket box after A side note…this project was my first time making my own chalk paint. The recipe was graciously shared by Christy at Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer (she’s amazing and her projects are such an inspiration!) I’m in love with this recipe! I can’t wait to try it some more.

Trivet Clock

This one may be my favorite of this weekend’s projects. It’s still not quite done…it needs to dry a bit more so I can scuff it up some more, but so far, I like it.

It started out at as plain, worn out wooden trivet that I got from (surprise!) Goodwill. What can I say…my options are limited here. Some day I’ll be famous and people will be clamoring to give me their old worn-out stuff.

Here’s the before…


After a layer of Americana Decor paint in Carbon and another in Primitive, a little distressing, and a tweaked and mod-podged clock face that I got from The Graphics Fairy (she’s awesome too…so much to choose from and free!) I ended up with this…



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